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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cultivating Characters: The Step-Parents

Words from the CLab: Teenage interaction with non-biological parents can be an interesting topic to write about. Coming of age stories, like these, are often geared towards the growth in teenage adolescence. For those wishing to create angst between a teenage character and their non-biological parent, whether it be guardian or step parent, the first key is in understanding the dynamics of entering a new family household.

Tanya Klein - Parenting teenage children in intact families can be trying. But children and teenagers of divorced families have experienced the upset of having people they trust let them down. They may not be keen to embrace a step parent the way one of their parents expects them to.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Story Crafting: Building A School

Words from the CLab: For fantasy writers who love school themes, it can be quite difficult building on a school setting. Creating fictional schools can be a tough process if one does not know where to begin. Below are two guides to better explain how to create a functional, fictional school or if the process is even needed at all.

Pymfanasywriter - When writing fantasy, educational institutions in the fantasy realm (just like the real world) will reflect social structure and what is important within the culture. If the culture reveres females over males, it will show in the schools, academies, institutes, universities or whatever the fantasy writer label institutes of higher learning. Establishing a school when writing fantasy takes consideration. It's part of world building. We looked at the importance of determining how schools function, their purpose, and such cultural issues as who can attend. Now we'll move to what they learn, what it costs and how they get there.