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Monday, February 6, 2012

World Builders' Encyclopedia: Purpose

World Builders' Encyclopedia?
The tools of World Builders' Encyclopedia build an affective and realistic planetary setting. Through sheer will, years of research and months of effort, budding writers will be able to express their ideal settings whether it is on Earth, an Earth-like planet or an alternate Earth or Earth-like setting.

Why is this important?
A productive, effective setting portrays and entices the character's arc. Is your main character ship wrecked or fulfilling a prophecy? It is not enough to build a setting. Effective world building should be considered like a terrain deity. The hero/heroine are pieces that must venture through the scenes in motion to either claim victory or be defeated.

The Material
All works are copyrighted to their respective owners and writers. That can't be stressed enough. All Composers' Laboratory materials are summarized focal topics or free tools for public use. URL addresses will be provided after every entry, linking to very extensive and detailed information submitted by the perspective author. Composers' Laboratory supports its fellow authors and encourages paper or electronic book purchases whenever possible. Information from Book Titles have been personally purchased and read thoroughly before summarization. Composers' Laboratory doesn't and won't regurgitate books in their entirety.

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