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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Story Crafting: Opening Scenes

Writer's Digest: The opening of a short story or novel is just that—the very beginning. That’s the simple and straightforward definition. However, what this book is really concerned with is illustrating the differences between good and bad openings—although perhaps it may be best not to assign words like good and bad to openings. Instead we’re going to be talking about and describing openings that work and openings that don’t work.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Story Crafting: Plot that Storyboard

Words from the CLab: From personal experience, this traditional plot storyboard has helped me developed my new budding novel on a professional level. It helps not only in detailing plot progression but allows authors who have more than three characters the visual guidance in known how soon is too soon for introducing characters.

Carolyn: I’ve seen dozens of variations on fiction writing plot development arcs through the years. I read fiction writing books and went to classes and workshops to avoid facing the muddle that was my middle, but somehow Janice MacDonald’s version clicked. The actual number of chapters is not carved in stone, but the overall fiction technique works.

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For PDF Format Traditional Plot Storyboard PDF

Cultivating Characters: The Art of Characterization in Short Stories

Anuja Khaire - Short story is a famous literary genre. Short story is a fictional narrative prose and it is more concise than fiction. Short stories have their origins in oral story telling traditions and prose anecdote in which, a swiftly sketched situation that comes rapidly to its point. With a rise of the comparatively realistic novel, the short story evolved as a miniature and its examples can be seen in the tales of Hoffmann and Anton Chekov.

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